Cisco Wireless Mobile Interface Card - network adapter

Model: C3201WMIC-TPAK9-RF

Cisco Wireless Mobile Interface Card - Network adapter - 802.11b, 802.11g

The Cisco 3200 Series are rugged routers designed with a versatile, compact form factor. They are optimized for mobile, outdoor, and embedded environments. The Cisco 3200 Rugged ISR provides access, mobility, and interoperability across multiple wireless technologies, including 3G cellular, satellite, and integrated 4.9-GHz and 802.11a/b/g. Standards-based mobile IP delivers transparent roaming for mobile applications. The Cisco 3200 Rugged ISR extends IP networks to outdoor locations. Qualified system integrators may choose to embed the Cisco 3200 Series into custom enclosures or existing outdoor infrastructure, such as traffic signal control boxes or utility substations. The Cisco 3200 Series serves as a point of presence for integrating peripheral devices with an IP network, including video surveillance cameras, traffic signal control boxes, and chemical sensors.

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