Cisco ROM (boot) - 512 KB - PLCC 32-pin

Model: BOOT-381V-64D32F=

Cisco - ROM (boot) - 512 KB - PLCC 32-pin

Cisco shapes the future by creating unprecedented value and opportunity for its customers, employees, investors, and ecosystem partners. As a leading manufacturer of network products, Cisco backs them with all the necessary hardware and software. Cisco provides common functionality, scalability, and security for Cisco products. The company produces powerful memory upgrades to increase productivity of your systems. This upgrade kit includes 64 MB EDO DRAM 72-pin SIMM (1x16Mx32) memory, 32 MB flash, and boot ROM.

Form FactorPLCC 32-pin
Product DescriptionCisco ROM (boot) - 512 KB - PLCC 32-pin
Storage Capacity512 KB
TypeROM (boot)

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