Cisco Aironet 340 - network adapter

Model: AIR-PCI341

Cisco Aironet 340 - Network adapter - PCI - Ethernet

Cisco Aironet 340 Series client adapters couple the mobility, freedom, and flexibility of wireless local-area networking with the bandwidth required by enterprise-wide information systems. With wireless-enabled client PCs, users with laptop, notebook, and hand-held devices can move freely within a campus environment while maintaining uninterrupted access to centrally located data. With wireless PCI and ISA adapters, desktop PCs can be quickly added to a LAN without expensive, time-consuming, and often impractical cable runs and drops. With wireless, as an organization grows, reorganizes, or even changes location, clients can be quickly relocated without a loss of productivity. Now with 11 Mbps of bandwidth, the benefits of wireless do not come at the expense of the data rate and throughput required by data-intensive applications. With the Cisco client adapters, users don't sacrifice anything; they experience the network performance they have come to expect�without the constraints and inflexibility of a wired connection. All Aironet 340 Series adapters feature antennas that provide the range and reliability required for data transmission and reception in larger indoor facilities. The internal dual diversity antennas of the PC adapter automatically toggle to select the antenna receiving the strongest signal as the user moves within a facility. The fixed, integrated antenna is rugged enough to withstand the rigors of mobile computing and compact enough to stay out of the way, extending only an inch outside the PC Card slot. The external antenna, standard with the PCI and ISA adapters, is optimized for transmission from a stationary system and fits neatly behind the PC. Up to 128-bit wired equivalent privacy (WEP) encryption security is available to provide data security that is comparable to traditional wired LANs. Cisco includes a complete set of device drivers to make installation trouble-free in a full range of systems. Easy-to-use site survey tools produce graphical information, including signal strength. To further facilitate installation, Cisco provides a suite of integrated utilities for Windows-based configuration, management, and diagnostics.

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