Cisco 7609 - router

Model: OSR-7609-DC-RF

Cisco 7609 - Router - 20U - refurbished - rack-mountable

The Cisco 7600 Series Internet Router delivers optical wide- and metropolitan-area network (WAN and MAN) services with high-touch IP services at the network edge. Now, service providers (SPs) and enterprises can "service enable" their networks at optical speeds, providing competitive advantage and service differentiation to the SP and high-speed connectivity and link usage efficiency to the enterprise. The Cisco 7600 is an important component of Cisco's end-to-end IP+Optical offerings, which help SPs break through service and bandwidth barriers to increase new revenue and profits. The Cisco 7609 offers the ability to bring DS0 to OC-48 WAN connectivity, and 10-Mbps Ethernet to 10-Gigabit Ethernet LAN connectivity to the Internet data center, metropolitan aggregation, WAN edge aggregation, and enterprise networking applications.

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