Cisco 6130 - switch - managed

Model: CISCO6130-RF

Cisco 6130 - Switch - managed - ATM, PPP - DC power - refurbished - external

The Cisco 6130 digital subscriber line (DSL) access concentrator is a key member of the industry-leading Cisco carrier-class DSL family of products. Designed for large-scale deployment of high-performance, multi-service, and profit-centered DSL services, the Cisco 6130 is intended for North American incumbent local exchange carrier (ILEC) and competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC) networks. The Cisco 6130 has a growing suite of asymmetric and symmetric DSL line technologies. These line technologies-combined with the high-powered ATM switching fabric, edge switch-class traffic management features, and scalable network-management capabilities of this family-enable service providers to move beyond simple, unprofitable, no extensible data-transmission connections to Internet service providers (ISPs) into profit-generating, New World service offerings.

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