Cisco 2509 - remote access server

Model: CISCO2509-DC-RF

Cisco 2509 - Remote access server - 2 ports - Ethernet, serial - refurbished - external

The Cisco 2509 access server is a full-featured communication server with multiprotocol routing capability between synchronous serial, LAN, and asynchronous serial ports. They are designed to function as access servers for remote node and asynchronous/synchronous routing. The access server connects terminals, printers, modems, microcomputers, and remote LANs over asynchronous serial lines to an internetwork. The access server uses a set of connection services to allow remote networks access to an internetwork of LANs and WANs. Remote node services support remote network connectivity with Serial Line Internet Protocol (SLIP), Point-to-point Protocol (PPP), AppleTalk Remote Access Protocol (ARA protocol), and XRemote. Terminal services provide terminal-to-host connectivity with virtual terminal protocols including Telnet, local-area transport (LAT), TN3270, and rlogin. Terminal services can be used to connect to a modem in a modem pool for outbound connectivity. Routing services enable the access server to route packets over LANs and WANs using asynchronous interfaces to a remote LAN or WAN. Protocol translation allows terminal services running over one protocol to be translated to terminal services running over another protocol such as an X.25 packet assembler/disassembler (PAD) to Telnet (using Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol [TCP/IP]). Protocol translation on the access server supports Telnet, TN3270, LAT, X.25, and PAD.

Communication ModeFull-duplex
Data Link ProtocolEthernet, serial
Device TypeRemote access server
Dimensions (WxDxH)17.5 in x 10.6 in x 1.7 in
Enclosure TypeExternal
FeaturesNAT support
Flash Memory Installed (Max)8 MB flash
Network / Transport ProtocolTCP/IP, IPX/SPX, AppleTalk, DECnet, UDP/IP
Ports Qty2
Power-48 V ( DC Hz )
Processor1 x Motorola 68030 20 MHz RISC
Product DescriptionCisco 2509 - remote access server
RAM Installed ( Max )( 16 MB )
Remote Management ProtocolSNMP, RMON
Weight9.9 lbs

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