Cisco 1516 - hub - managed - 16 ports

Model: CISCO1516

Cisco 1516 - Hub - managed - 16 ports - Ethernet - 10Base-T, AUI - external

The HP 10Base-T Hub-16M features 16 10Base-T ports for connecting workstations with inexpensive unshielded twisted-pair (UTP) cabling, and one AUI port for connecting to coaxial or fiber Ethernet cable. To expand the network, up to four HP 10Base-T Hub-16M repeaters can be cascaded without special cross-over cables by optionally configuring port 16 as an uplink (MDI/MDI) though a user-selectable switch on the front panel. The HP 10Base-T Hub-16M provides affordable, integrated workgroup-to-backbone and workgroup-to-WAN connectivity. Install HP 10Base-T Hub-16M repeaters with Cisco Catalyst 1900 and 2820 series Ethernet switches to improve workgroup performance in a small- to medium business network. Alternatively, cascade up to 4 hubs as a standalone solution for smaller offices for support of up to 58 nodes. The HP 10Base-T Hub-16M provides managed, secure connectivity to all attached network nodes. Built-in SNMP management, port level security and guaranteed interoperability make the HP 10Base-T Hub-16M the best choice for managed networks, and networks with installed Cisco routers and switches. Integrated Cisco IOS technologies guarantee interoperability between the HP 10Base-T Hub-16M and other Cisco products. Easily monitored and graphically managed through CiscoWorks Windows network management software, the HP 10Base-T Hub-16M incorporates Cisco IOS features such as Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP) to enable a CiscoWorks Windows network management station to automatically discover the device in a network topology. When the HP 10Base-T Hub-16M is deployed with Cisco routers, switches and hubs, CiscoWorks Windows' special StackMaker and StackView features simplify device configuration, monitoring and management of the entire system. A wide range of security benefits are provided, including eavesdrop prevention, intruder prevention, and auto port disabling. Network management alarms can be set up to alert the CiscoWorks Windows network management station in the event of a security violation.

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