AMD Second-Generation Opteron 2212 HE / 2 GHz processor

Model: UN559

Processor upgrade - 1 x AMD Second-Generation Opteron 2212 HE / 2 GHz - Socket F (1207) - L2 2 MB ( 2 x 1 MB )

The 2.0 GHz Dual Core Opetron 2212HE processor from Dell offer optimized performance while offering a seamless upgrade path to quad-core performance to help run your business applications. It is designed to enhance the performance and the speed of your server. The processor is designed to run existing 32-bit applications and operating systems at peak performance, while providing a 64-bit capable migration path. The integrated memory controller enhances virtualization and provides efficient isolation of virtual machine memory for improved security and support of virtual users. Hardware assisted AMD Virtualization and direct connect architecture provides a balanced approach to help boost virtualization performance, enabling more virtual machines to run per server. The incorporated HyperTransport technology provides a scalable bandwidth interconnect between processors, I/O subsystems, and other chipsets.

Cache MemoryL2 2 MB ( 2 x 1 MB )
Clock Speed2 GHz
Compatible Slots1 x processor - Socket F
FeaturesPowerNow! technology, HyperTransport technology, AMD64 technology, integrated memory controller, Enhanced Virus Protection, AMD Virtualization
Processor Qty1
Processor TypeAMD Second-Generation Opteron 2212 HE
Product DescriptionAMD Second-Generation Opteron 2212 HE / 2 GHz processor
Product TypeProcessor upgrade

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