ADTRAN Voice Compression Module voice DSP module

Model: 1200221L2

ADTRAN Voice Compression Module - Voice DSP module - 16 ports - ISDN, Frame Relay - plug-in module

The ATLAS Voice Compression Module combines with other ATLAS components to allow voice and fax traffic to share the same lines as data and LAN traffic. A single Voice Compression Module simultaneously compresses up to 32 channels for transmission over public or private frame relay networks or dedicated leased lines. Voice and data traffic integration yields a dramatic reduction in communication expenses. The ATLAS Voice Compression Module occupies a single slot in the ATLAS chassis and is available in 8-, 16-, 24-, and 32-channel configurations. This module uses G.723.1-based compression technology. A single ATLAS system with multiple Voice Compression Modules installed can simultaneously compress up to 64 channels. The ATLAS Voice Compression Module interoperates with ADTRANs desktop voice/data/Frame Relay product, the EXPRESS 5200TM. Channelized T3, T1, Primary Rate ISDN (PRI), or Basic Rate ISDN (BRI) circuits provide network access to the ATLAS Voice Compression Module. An ATLAS Voice Compression Module provides voice switching support enabling branch offices in a hub-and-spoke frame relay network to call each other without having a virtual circuit between them. At the host station, the ATLAS Voice Compression Module switches the call to the appropriate remote location without first decompressing it. The ATLAS Voice Compression Module also automatically determines the destination port and, based on the number that was dialed, whether the call requires compression. The ATLAS Voice Compression Module automatically detects fax transmissions and locally demodulates the fax, sending the baseband component of the fax over the link.

Data Link ProtocolISDN, Frame Relay
Device TypeVoice DSP module
Enclosure TypePlug-in module
Ports Qty16
Product DescriptionADTRAN Voice Compression Module voice DSP module

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