ADTRAN Smart 16 - modular expansion base

Model: 4202023L4

ADTRAN Smart 16 - Modular expansion base - 0 / 16 - external

The ADTRAN Smart 16/16e Shelf provides a rackmount, high-density solution for central site WAN connectivity requirements. The shelf provides flexibility, allowing installation of a mixture of 16 WAN communication devices. ADTRAN has a complete offering of ISDN, DDS, Switched 56, and FT1/T1 products that operates in the shelf. The Smart 16/16e shelf may be configured for 19" or 23" mounting with either AC or DC powering. Load sharing and redundancy are provided with an optional second power supply. The shelf incorporates a mid plane design that facilitates hot swapping for all devices, including the power supplies. A common controller card is used to configure and control all devices installed in the shelf. Up to 15 additional shelves may be daisy chained and controlled locally or remotely by a VT 100 terminal attached to a single controller card. An optional hand-held 2x16 LCD display and keypad (DATAMATE) is available for local configuration by connecting directly to the front of the controller card via the RJ-11 jack. The Smart 16e version provides SNMP Management via an embedded SNMP agent. Access is available through either a SLIP/PPP (async) port or a 10BaseT Ethernet port. Telnet access is also provided in this version. Through the Management Information Base (MIB)-II standard and ADTRAN-supplied enterprise MIBs, the Smart 16e Shelf allows for configuration, monitoring, and troubleshooting of each device using standard SNMP network management programs such as HP OpenView, NetView, and SunNet Manager.

Device TypeModular expansion base
Dimensions (WxDxH)17.2 in x 14.9 in x 10.5 in
Enclosure TypeExternal
Power38 - 72 V
Product DescriptionADTRAN Smart 16 - modular expansion base
Weight19.8 lbs

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