ADTRAN OMMXCV - multiplexor

Model: 1184536L1

ADTRAN OMMXCV - Multiplexor - plug-in module

The OPTI-6100 Cross-Connect Multiplexer Module (OMMXCV) occupies a high-speed (HS) slot and functions as an any-to-any STS-1-to-STS-1 cross-connect, and an any-to-any VT1.5 cross-connect for the system. It interfaces to the tributary modules and provides cross-connect functionality for the payloads of the tributary modules, providing for STS-1 and VT1.5 per payload to be groomed and switched between modules. PRODUCT FEATURES: Provides VT1.5 Mapper Cross-connect card Interface for high-speed slots; Allows for 336 VT 1.5 cross-connect matrix; Maximum of two per chassis; The second card will provide protection; Allows the OPTI-6100 to be used as a SONET/3/1 DCS.

Device TypeMultiplexor
FeaturesHot swap module replacement, manageable
Form FactorPlug-in module
Product DescriptionADTRAN OMMXCV - multiplexor

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