ADTRAN ISU 512e - multiplexor

Model: 1203086L1

ADTRAN ISU 512e - Multiplexor - 4 ports - external

The ADTRAN ISU 512e is a standalone ISDN Service Unit that connects data terminal equipment (DTE) to the ISDN network. The ISU 512e is specifically designed as a low-cost solution for applications such as video-conferencing, T1 backup, LAN/WAN connectivity, and high-speed file transfer. Embedded SNMP & Telnet are available through a 10BaseT Ethernet port. Through the Management Information Base (MIB)-II standard and an ADTRAN-supplied enterprise MIB, the ISU 512e can be configured, monitored and diagnosed using standard SNMP network management programs such as HP Openview, Netview and SunNet Manager. The ISU 512e connects directly to the ISDN network using up to four Basic Rate ISDN (BRI) lines. By terminating four BRI circuits, the ISU 512e can create an aggregate bandwidth of up to 512 kbps which can be used to backup a T1 circuit. Since ISDN is a switched digital service, bandwidth can be established and utilized on an as needed basis. Therefore, the ISU 512e is well suited for applications where a high bandwidth connection is needed to support bursty or infrequent traffic like medical image or large file transfer. The ISU 512e can be configured and maintained, locally or remotely, using a VT 100 terminal interface. For remote configuration, the unit can be accessed over the ISDN line. The front panel of the ISU 512e consists of a two-line by 16 character LCD display, seven LEDs, and a 16-button keypad. This allows for configuring, dialing, testing, and monitoring of the unit without data terminal or test equipment.

Data Link ProtocolISDN
Data Transfer Rate512 Kbps
Device TypeMultiplexor
Digital Ports Qty4
Digital Signaling ProtocolISDN BRI, ISDN 5ESS, ISDN DMS-100, ISDN - 1(NI-1)
Dimensions (WxDxH)7.9 in x 10.5 in x 2.5 in
Form FactorExternal
LocalizationJapan, Canada, United States
Ports Qty4
PowerAC 115 V ( 60 Hz )
Product DescriptionADTRAN ISU 512e - multiplexor
Remote Management ProtocolSNMP
Weight3.1 lbs

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