ADTRAN IQ 710 - network monitoring device

Model: 4200801L1

ADTRAN IQ 710 - Network monitoring device - 1 / 2 - Ethernet, Frame Relay - external

The industry-leading IQ Frame Relay performance monitoring series from ADTRAN continues to provide more flexibility with the IQ 710 and traffic shaping. The IQ 710 is an all-encompassing traffic management platform addressing all seven layers of the network. This intelligent solution for managed Frame Relay access allows you to enjoy the monetary savings of Frame Relay without giving up management visibility and control. The IQ 710 provides the visibility and control you need for both the physical and logical connections made in Frame Relay networks. The IQ 710 is an intelligent Frame Relay-aware traffic management platform. It provides two expansion slots for network interface and dial backup cards and features 10BaseT Ethernet port for management applications. This product provides up to a full T1 of access, and unlike other IQ models, the IQ 710 gathers information from all seven layers of the network. The IQ 710 uses industry-leading technology to perform seven-layer monitoring and traffic shaping, and includes the necessary software to capture and report network information. Application monitoring in the IQ 710 includes the usage examination of: FTP, Telnet, E-mail, databases, corporate-wide ERP systems, Real-Audio, MPEG web traffic, and hundreds more. These Layer 7 metrics are used to evaluate application utilization and throughput; top application bandwidth consumers; network efficiency due to packet retransmission; as well as individual application response times and delays. The IQ 710 is complemented by a network management software suite from ADTRAN called N-Form. N-Form is a modular, Java-enabled, Windows-based platform combining the features of a complete SNMP management platform with a network trend analysis tool in one easy-to-use, cost-effective package. With N-Form, the IQ 710 can be remotely configured through a graphical interface. N-Form also allows the IQ 710 to monitor alarm conditions and report on both Frame Relay and application monitoring metrics in either graphical or tabular formats. Additional features of the IQ 710, such as an easy-to-use front panel interface and modular option cards, combined with the quality, service and support that ADTRAN is known for, make the IQ 710 the obvious choice for complete seven-layer, Frame Relay performance monitoring and traffic shaping.

Data Link ProtocolEthernet, Frame Relay
Device TypeNetwork monitoring device
Dimensions (WxDxH)8 in x 10.4 in x 2.4 in
Enclosure TypeExternal
Network / Transport ProtocolSNA, IP/IPX
PowerAC 115 V ( 60 Hz )
Product DescriptionADTRAN IQ 710 - network monitoring device
Remote Management ProtocolSNMP, Telnet
Weight4.4 lbs

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