ADTRAN DSX 1 - expansion module

Model: 1200055L1#HS

ADTRAN DSX 1 - Expansion module - plug-in module

The DSX-1 Module is one of several expansion modules for the TSU multiplexer. This module should be selected when a standard DSX-1 interface is required, such as a connection to a PBX. The DSX-1 interface is provided on both RJ-45C and DB-15 physical and electrical interfaces providing DTE distances to 200 m. The module is designed to be inserted into a slot of the TSU multiplexer. Configuration occurs from the front panel of the TSU or the optional T-Watch Management software. Framing and coding can be set independently from the Primary T1 interface of the base TSU multiplexer. This allows the interface of older PBXs running SF framing to ESF facilities. Monitoring, performance requests and testing functions are also done from the front panel or T-Watch software.

Device TypeExpansion module
Enclosure TypePlug-in module
Product DescriptionADTRAN DSX 1 - expansion module

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