ADTRAN control processor

Model: 1200788L1

ADTRAN - Control processor - Ethernet, Fast Ethernet - plug-in module

ADTRAN solutions maximize performance, lower costs, and help companies achieve the best return on investment. ADTRAN is committed to achieving success for customers by offering "best-in-class" products with outstanding value. Let ADTRAN work for you. PRODUCT FEATURES: Includes integral dual T1 (RJ-48) interfaces and the access router; Access router for Internet access, public and private Frame Relay, and leased line connections; Stateful inspection firewall protects against Denial of Service (DoS) attacks; QoS with DiffServ aware Weighted Fair Queuing for delay sensitive traffic like VoIP; Supports OSPF, RIP, static routing, and bridging; Network Address Translation (NAT/NAPT) conceals private IP addresses; Auto-sensing 10/100BaseT interface to accommodate mixed Ethernet environments; Command Line Interface (CLI), which mimics de facto industry standard; Hot-swappable; Installs in Controller (0) slot.

Data Link ProtocolEthernet, Fast Ethernet
Device TypeControl processor
Enclosure TypePlug-in module
FeaturesNAT support, NAPT support, DoS attack prevention
Product DescriptionADTRAN control processor

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