Additional Quad-Core Intel Xeon LV Processor L5320 (1.86GHz 8MB L2 1066MHz 50w)

Model: 43W5919

Processor upgrade - 1 x Intel Xeon L5320 / 1.86 GHz ( 1066 MHz ) - LGA771 Socket - L2 8 MB ( 2 x 4MB (4MB per core pair) )

The Intel Xeon processor is the solution for specific communication applications that require the highest levels of processing performance - such as web-serving, storage (NAS, SAN), search engines, telecommunications servers, network management, security, voice, and load balancing. When coupled with the Intel E7500, Intel E7501 or Intel E7520 chipsets, the Intel Xeon processor provides high memory bandwidth, high memory capacity, and high I/O bandwidth. With 1M or 512K L2 Advanced Transfer Cache, the Intel Xeon processor along with the Intel E7500, Intel E7501 or Intel E7520 chipset creates a balanced platform that is ideal for delivering unparalleled price-performance, scalability and flexibility.

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