3Gb PCI-X SAS 8-Port Host Adapter, RoHS:Y


Sun StorageTek - Storage controller - 8 Channel - SATA-300 / SAS low profile - 300 MBps - PCI-X

To meet the requirements of large-scale direct attach storage (DAS) Sun offers a SAS Host Bus Adapter (HBA) that provides maximum reliability and performance. The SAS SG-XPCI8SAS-E-Z HBA addresses the need for SAS connectivity and is targeted at the enterprise-level SAS storage for Sun servers that support the PCI-E interface. The HBA offers outstanding performance by matching PCI-X 64-bits 133 MHz with 8-lanes 3Gb/s SAS. The SG-XPCI8SAS-E-Z supporting up to 244 devices is ideal for today's data centers and leverages existing SCSI infrastructure for investment protection and ease of migration. The serial interface allows for point-to-point connection enabling higher performance, increased aggregate bandwidth, higher availability with dual-ported drives, and enhanced reliability when compared to parallel SCSI. The SAS interface provides universal interconnect with Serial ATA (SATA), while still offering logical SCSI compatibility along with the reliability, performance and manageability available in SAS drives. Common electrical and physical connection allows for the application to dictate the technology of choice for disk drives.

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