2N Redundant Power Supply For Tape Drives 49 To 64, RoHS:YL

Model: SG-XL8500-4RDP-Z

Sun Microsystems has long been synonymous with leading edge technology. Now, after years of telling the world "The Network is the Computer", Sun is poised to become the leader in the emerging network-driven economy. Forward thinking organizations are looking to Sun to lead them into the dot com future. And Sun takes its leadership commitment seriously. This product is Sun StorEdge L8500 2N Redundant Power Supply for 49-64 drives. Must also order/have SG-XL8500-1RDP and SG-XL8500-2RDP and SG-XL8500-3RDP AND one (1) of the following redundant library power supplies (SG-XL8500-R1PR, SG-XL8500-R3PD, SG-XL8500-R3PW, SG-XL8500-R3PS). Redundant Drive Power Supplies must be order sequentially, but only one (1) redundant library power is required. Installation included. RoHS-5.

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