2 * 2.4GHz. SPARC64 VII four-core processors

Model: SELY1B1Z

Processor board - 2 / 2 x Fujitsu SPARC64 VII 2.4 GHz - L2 5 MB

With the quad-core SPARC64 VII processor, the servers can offer unmatched scalability in a single Symmetric Multi-Processor (SMP) system. The SPARC64 VII processor also delivers the RAS functions of SPARC64 VI, including hardware instruction retry, dynamic degradation and parity-protected processor registers, to maintain the levels of performance and reliability needed in mission-critical systems. The SPARC64 VII processor consumes 44 percent less energy per core than the SPARC64 VI chip, enabling customers to consolidate and minimize energy consumption.

Cache MemoryL2 5 MB
Clock Speed2.4 GHz
Manufacturing Process65 nm
Processor Qty2
Processor TypeFujitsu SPARC64 VII
Product DescriptionFujitsu SPARC64 VII 2.4 GHz processor board
Product TypeProcessor board

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