2 √ó SPARC64 VI 2.1GHz CPU Module, RoHS:YL

Model: SELX1A1Z

Processor board - 2 / 2 x Fujitsu SPARC64 VI 2.15 GHz - L2 5 MB

SPARC64 VI enhances the high performance and high reliability features of SPARC64 V and further boosts performance using multi-core and multi-thread per core technology imbedded on a single CPU chip. The multi-core, multi thread per core, and large on chip cache memory provides a significant boost over single chip performance. Multi-threading technology minimizes CPU core wait times and increases CPU core utilization.

Cache MemoryL2 5 MB
Clock Speed2.15 GHz
Compatible Slots1 x processor board
Processor Qty2
Processor TypeFujitsu SPARC64 VI
Product DescriptionFujitsu SPARC64 VI 2.15 GHz processor board
Product TypeProcessor board

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