1.9GHz AMD Opteron Quad Core 8347HE, RoHS:Y

Model: X6340A

Processor upgrade - 1 x AMD Third-Generation Opteron 8347 HE / 1.9 GHz Highly Efficient - Socket F (1207) - L3 2 MB

AMD Opteron has uncompromised design, unprecedented Performance-per-Watt. Quad-Core AMD Opteron processors with Direct Connect Architecture deliver industry-leading performance within a consistent footprint, and power and thermal envelops. Quad-Core AMD Opteron processors are the most power efficient server CPUs ever produced, thanks to Enhanced AMD PowerNow! technology and the addition of innovative CoolCore Technology. These innovations are designed to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO), data center power needs, and cooling costs by lowering the energy consumption of your IT infrastructure. Quad-Core AMD Opteron processors with Direct Connect Architecture enable industry leading virtualization platform efficiency. Featuring AMD Virtualization (AMD-V) technology with Rapid Virtualization Indexing, Quad-Core AMD Opteron processors can accelerate the performance of virtualized applications and improve efficiency of switching among virtual machines - so customers can host more virtual machines and users per system to maximize the consolidation and power saving benefits of virtualization.

Cache MemoryL2 - 4 x 512 KB - L3 2 MB
Clock Speed1.9 GHz
Compatible Slots1 x processor - Socket F
Processor Qty1
Processor TypeAMD Third-Generation Opteron 8347 HE Highly Efficient
Product DescriptionAMD Third-Generation Opteron 8347 HE / 1.9 GHz processor
Product TypeProcessor upgrade

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