18.2GB - 10000 RPM FC-AL, Disk Assembly with 1 bracket

Model: X6720A

Sun - Hard drive - 18.2 GB - internal - 3.5" - FC-AL - 10000 rpm

The 3.5-inch rigid disk drive products of Sun Microsystems provide the performance, reliability and overall high quality required in today's computing environment at competitive prices. Sun invests significant resources into qualifying and integrating these devices on Sun workstations, servers and disk arrays. Sun mass storage products are also tested for compatibility across a large number of system hardware and software configurations to ensure that Sun I/O products perform as expected. This means that Sun customers get the very best mass storage value. To keep pace with rapid technological advancements and to maintain Sun's high quality standards, the qualification and integration process is an on-going one. Sun's close working relationship with its suppliers allows Sun to be involved up-front in the design process. Sun supplier engineers ensure consistent high quality standards by implementing special Sun processes right in the supplier's manufacturing facility. Sun's current 3.5" disk drives are UltraSCSI and Fiber Channel capable with formatted capacities ranging from 9.1-GBytes to 36.4-GBytes. All these 3.5" drives are available in external enclosures and most are also available as internal expansion drives. This flexibility gives customers an opportunity to add larger capacity drives or incorporate the latest technology to a Sun workstation.

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