16B Performance Bundle Activation

Model: 22R5469

IBM Performance Bundle Activation - License

Performance Bundle Activation is plant order only, and supports both Enhanced ISL Trunking and Performance Monitoring capabilities. Performance Monitoring helps identify end-to-end bandwidth usage by host/target pairs and is designed to provide information for capacity planning. ISL Trunking enables Fiber Channel packets to be efficiently distributed across multiple Inter-Switch connections (links) between two SAN b-type fabric switches, while preserving in-order delivery. Both SAN b-type fabric switches must have ISL Trunking activated. Enhanced ISL Trunking is supported between two B32 models and enables Fiber Channel packets to be distributed across up to eight 4 Gbps capable ISLs for a combined bandwidth of up to 32 Gbps. When connecting the 4 Gbps capable B32 model to legacy 2 Gbps capable b-type fabric switch models, ISL Trunking is supported with link speeds operational at 2 Gbps and Fiber Channel packets distributed across up to four ISLs for a combined bandwidth of up to 8 Gbps.

Product DescriptionIBM Performance Bundle Activation - license
Product TypeLicense

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