1.4GHz Processor

Model: X5029A

Processor - 1 x Intel Pentium III-S 1.4 GHz ( 133 MHz ) - Socket 370 FC-PGA2 - L2 512 KB

In order to satisfy the demands of its customers Sun Microsystems offers a variety of processor upgrade options thus eliminating the need of purchasing new computers. You can choose the processor upgrade that suites ideally your computer and your budget. The Intel Pentium III processor with integrates the P6 Dynamic Execution microarchitecture, Dual Independent Bus (DIB) Architecture, a multi-transaction system bus and Intel MMX media enhancement technology. In addition, the Intel Pentium III processor offers Internet Streaming SIMD Extensions, 70 instructions enabling advanced imaging, 3D streaming audio and video and speech recognition for an enhanced Internet experience. The processor also includes an on-die 512 KB Level 2 Advanced Transfer Cache with Advanced System Buffering to meet the higher data bandwidth requirements of today's server environments. The Pentium III processor is designed to meet the needs of entry-level servers.

Bus Speed133 MHz
Cache MemoryL2 Advanced Transfer Cache - 512 KB
Clock Speed1.4 GHz
Compatible Slots1 x processor - Socket 370
FeaturesStreaming SIMD extensions, MMX instructions set
Packaging TypeFC-PGA2
Processor Qty1
Processor TypeIntel Pentium III-S
Product DescriptionIntel Pentium III-S 1.4 GHz processor
Product TypeProcessor

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