146.8GB - 10000 RPM, Disk Assembly with 1 of the following disks:

Model: XRA-SC1CC-146G10K

Hitachi Ultrastar DK32EJ Series DK32EJ-14NC - Hard drive - 147.8 GB - internal - 3.5" - Ultra320 SCSI - 10000 rpm

Sun Microsystems has long been synonymous with leading edge technology. Now, after years of telling the world "The Network is the Computer", Sun is poised to become the leader in the emerging network-driven economy. Forward thinking organizations are looking to Sun to lead them into the dot com future. And Sun takes its leadership commitment seriously. PRODUCT FEATURES: High capacity, high performance drives for workstations, LAN servers, RAID, NAS, SAN, data warehousing, and multi-user systems; Dual Spin Valve GMR head and MEEPRML technology; 4 MB and 16 MB read/write cache; 250G Non-operating Shock; Available in U320 SCSI and 2Gb FCAL interfaces; Data transfer rates of up to 799mb/s.

Capacity147.8 GB
Data Transfer Rate320 MBps
Form Factor3.5" x 1/3H
Interface TypeUltra320 SCSI LVD
Product DescriptionHitachi Ultrastar DK32EJ Series DK32EJ-14NC - hard drive - 147.8 GB - Ultra320 SCSI
Spindle Speed10000 rpm
TypeHard drive - internal

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